The Sixth Experiment: Max Energy Therapy Self Care Treatments Release Foot Soft Tissue Pain in a Few Weeks

Foot Pain Therapy Treatment in Max Energy Therapy is perfect!

What a Pain in the Foot!

A pain in the foot can cause us a lot of trouble. At first, we might try to get rid of the pain with some over-the-counter popular medicines or icy bottles. That can be a waste of time and money if the pain does not disappear after the initial trial. Then, we may see our Primary Care Providers for the modern scientific painless solutions to deal with that stubborn pain after those unsuccessful initial self care medication and treatments. Unfortunately, the pain may still persist frustratingly regardless all the time and money we have spent on the treatments. We seem like running out of efficient methods. Is there a natural practical treatment for that pain in the foot? Yes, it is called Max Energy Therapy.

How does the experiment work?

Max Energy Therapy is safe, practical and effective for years. In this experiment, at first, we use an ancient heat cure treatment to loosen up our feet by soaking our feet into a large container of only warm or very warm water up to the knees for 15 to 20 minutes. Anything icy cold should not be put onto our body for more than 10 seconds because the cold can’t offer our body healing effects but numbs the nerves only. We could get nerve damage if the cold is applied for longer than 10 seconds. We have to remember that cancers and the other diseases will develop in our bodies when our body temperature constantly drops below 98.6° Degree Fahrenheit or 37° degree Celsius. The heat treatment is the lazy person method for pain relief. Then, we can hold a piece of polished stone to give the hurting foot part a good percussion in 10 minutes. The Swedish massage therapy methods such as tapotement (rhythmic tapping), friction (cross fiber or with the fibers), deep tissue, trigger point release, etc. can all be applied one by one. The pressure should be deep enough to generate a pain response and was performed with thumbs or a piece of polished stone. Don’t forget to stretch the posterior calf muscles for about 5 minutes or so. No single method can help releasing the foot pain. However, this self care treatment of Max Energy Therapy, unlike the expensive shoes, hospital clinic visits costing us hundreds of dollars and useless time, costs us much less money and time. It takes only a few days or weeks to completely release the foot pain. Be persistent! Do the treatments several times everyday. Don’t give up! We will be happy when the foot pain finally disappears without a trace.

Regular daily stretching for 2 minutes or so removes foot pain!

Daily Gastrocnemius Soleus Muscle Stretching keeps the pain away from your foot!

Max Energy Therapy Is Proven

Max Energy Therapy is safe, practical and effective. In this sixth experiment, we use traditional ancient therapy treatments for pain relief such as heat, stretching, deep tissue massaging, etc. Regular self-stretching of the gastrocnemius and soleus muscles is an important part of keeping plantar fascia pain away.


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