The Seventh Experiment: Protect Your Life Long Savings in Bad Circumstance

The account values of IUL and IRA in years

Savings, Taxes and Return on Investment

It sounds quite simple to save your money. You could keep your cash inside a safe or in your bank savings account just like what you have learned when you are a little kid. However, your money could not increase itself much over the long period. Then, you may put your money into an individual retirement account (IRA) in hope of getting a bigger return on investment. The balance of your IRA hopefully may increase if the stocks your IRA owned increase their values over time; otherwise, when the values of your stocks decrease, so is your IRA balance. When you set up an IRA, you continue to pay your broker fees. However, you do not have peace of mind because the stocks or funds you own may lose their values and the Internal Revenue Services will be keeping an eye on your IRA. You can not touch your money until you are 59 and a half year old; otherwise, you violate the government rules and regulations, you will have to pay tax, penalty and interest to the IRS. Your money in your IRA can not offer you and your family the protection in case of emergency when you are not yet 59 and a half years old. What would your family do if you die too soon? Would you have enough money to pay for the expenses if you live too long? How would you pay your bills if you get cancers, heart attacks, disabilities, etc.?

Peace of Mind

To get the peace of mind in case that any of those worst case scenarios suddenly happens to you or your family member, you now have more versatile life insurance plans to protect your interests without worrying about taxes and penalty. It is only the old way of buying life insurance for just the death benefit protection to the surviving family. Now, you don’t have to die to collect the benefits, but lifetime coverage to protect your own living standard. I have many exclusive and innovative Indexed Universal Life insurance plans to help you if you are concerned about your assets lasting through retirement and beyond, and the financial devastation a serious illness can cause and a legacy to leave behind to younger generations.

The curves of the valies of Equity and Indexed Universal Life

A hypothesis comparison between the investment values of Equity and Indexed Universal Life over ten year


Indexed Universal Life Insurance

We can provide you the best solution your IRA and your existing other life insurance plans can’t match. The cash value of your Indexed Universal Life insurance policy can get compounded interest that is indexed to the stock market upside performance without the risk of losing a penny in the cash value of your life insurance policy even if the stock market indexes drop in value. Serious illness can be financially devastating without protection in case of critical, chronic or terminal illness. You can be covered through the Accelerated Benefit Riders in your Indexed Universal Life insurance policy when you are ill. Once qualifications are met and the Lifetime Income Benefit Rider is exercised, you can also guarantee yourself an income for life with your Indexed Universal Life insurance policy. Please contact me right away to get the exceptional coverage you need because we are able to offer a comprehensive selection of products and services that can meet any reasonable need you might have. I work with newly married couples who are struggling with how to know what they can afford, how much they need to pay for an Indexed Universal Life insurance premium and what type of our exclusive and innovative Indexed Universal Life insurance plans would be best for them. I help them by offering a free first time buyer consultation that will show them what they can afford, what their premium payment would need to be and a list of Indexed Universal Life insurance plans perfect for them in less than 30 minutes.



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