The Eighth Experiment: Asset Protection Management

Turn interest liability into asset.

Asset Ownership   People can have joy and liabilities in owning assets for secure financial freedom and peace of mind. For example, people love to buy pieces of real estate as valuable assets and wait for the favorable market opportunities because of the prospective positive cash flow in the deals… Read more“The Eighth Experiment: Asset Protection Management”

The Seventh Experiment: Protect Your Life Long Savings in Bad Circumstance

The account values of IUL and IRA in years

Savings, Taxes and Return on Investment It sounds quite simple to save your money. You could keep your cash inside a safe or in your bank savings account just like what you have learned when you are a little kid. However, your money could not increase itself much over the… Read more“The Seventh Experiment: Protect Your Life Long Savings in Bad Circumstance”

Magic Pills for Our Most Important Asset

Our Magic Pill Dream

Our Most Important Asset We always plan our future for the best. We strive to get a good education. When we take a job, we examine its benefit plan. When we buy a home, we consider its location and condition so that our investment is safe and can yield good… Read more“Magic Pills for Our Most Important Asset”