Stretching Keeps Diseases and Injuries Away!

Static stretching in more than 10 minutes is different and effective.

Static Stretching Is Necessary!

Our soft tissues (ie muscles, ..) are naturally tight in half an hour or so. We have to warm up our muscles often by tapping and then stretching. Stretching can prepare our body for the physical exercises and activities we are going to take. Stretching can increase our flexibility, help to reduce joint injuries and keep us healthier and fitter as we age. Stretching can also improve our athletic performance and is essential for dancers, gymnasts and anyone practicing yoga, pilates or martial arts. The less flexible our joints and muscles are, the more likely we would suffer an injury and the other problems such as hypertension, arthritis, gout, high cholesterol, and so on. Static stretching of our soft tissues around the major joints to our body core for a 10 minute (up to 30 minute) duration has been proven to help our body operate in perfect conditions.
Split Leg Stretching is great!

Split Leg Stretching is the ultimate goal of Max Energy Therapy.

Static Stretching Has Been Proven to be Highly Effective

Second Split Leg Stretching is wonderful!

This Second Split Leg Stretching is one acupressure massage therapy treatment of Max Energy Therapy

These kinds of static stretching performed while our body is completely relax and at rest are very different and highly effective. In any one static stretching position, we have to breathe deeply and slowly. Slowly and deeply breathing cycles are performed at a speed of 3 or 4 breaths per minute very similar to those in Yoga and help to relieve tension in muscles while the body weight lengthens muscles eventually. It has been proven in clinical studies that prolonged static stretching, moderate aerobic exercise and diet control with healing foods will reduce cholesterol and significantly reverse hardening of the arteries in patients of coronary atherosclerotic disease after one year in the studying program.

Static Stretching Is Part of Max Energy Therapy

In Max Energy Therapy, three of the five static stretching forms are frequently used. These static stretching treatments are also considered to be acupressure massage therapy treatments and daily functional exercises. The routines can rejuvenate the body and increase blood, lymph and qi energy circulation. The treatments promote metabolic waste removal from the body, calm the mind and reduce pain very effectively.



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