Be careful!

Don’t make a minor pain worse with ice, medication or surgery.

No ice, no surgery, no special equipment, no nothing but a simple daily short self-massage therapy treatment is needed to heal minor pain such as plantar fasciitis, hernia, lower back pain, etc.

Please consult a master massage therapist like me first to get the instant pain relief instead of lifetime pain sufferings.

Affordable Private Premium In-home Massage Therapy Treatment Services

$1.30 to $1.00 cash per minute premium (table or chair) massage therapy treatment sessions depending on the time and driving distance. No credit card accepted.

Please call or text Donald in advance to schedule your service request within at least 2 hours for the male massage therapist to get ready to your place. You should be paying the parking fees if necessary.

On-call Corporate Chair Massage Events

Chair Massage is perfect for workplaces, conventions, and events. Please call for pricing and scheduling.

You could arrange the In-home Massage Therapy Treatment Services through Zeel with my code: 9qsn for a $25.00 discount on your first session.

An alternative option for your pain relief need.

$25.00 discount for your first Zeel Massage session.

You could also arrange the In-home Massage Therapy Treatment Services through Soothe.

Thank you very much for your consideration and trust!


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