The Second Experiment: Acupressure Massage Treatment on Neiguan, PC6, in Max Energy Therapy

Neiguan PC6 Acupressure Massage Routine has been proven effective.

Max Energy Therapy Can Be Our Dedicated Guard

Many health-conscious people spend a lot of time in looking for information about diseases. They have vast knowledge on the disease symptoms and causes. They can tell you all the details about the conditions after somebody or even they themselves get sick. They may be good at self-diagnosing whether they could have a disease whenever they had some similar symptoms such as high fever, hypertension, headaches, pain, etc. The knowledge is indeed very valuable if it is applied correctly. It is much better if people can employ Max Energy Therapy. They eat naturally nutritious and delicious healing foods, do daily functional exercise routines, give their body professional acupressure massage therapy treatments by themselves or expert therapists and invest their asset carefully. They can make sure that their immune and meridian systems are in perfectly working conditions. Acupressure massage therapy treatments are a special modality in which we massage the meridian channel at some well-defined points with our thumb or fingertip to bring up some lasting healthy effects in our bodies harmlessly. The following experiment of acupressure massage treatment on the acupoint P6 is the second experiment promoted by Max Energy Therapy for everybody to try out. Our thumb or fingertip size is very much larger than a needle tip. Our fingertips and thumb can not miss the meridian channel. Thus, we can experience the effects almost immediately.

The Second Experiment: Acupressure Massaging Nei Guan (P6 or PC6)

Neiguan Acupressure Massage Routine is effective

Neiguan Acupressure Massage Routine is simple, easy and powerful.

Millions of clinical cases have proven that acupuncture or acupressure applied at Neiguan (PC 6) can prevent and cure heart troubles, treat pulmonary diseases, such as bronchial asthma, pulmonary emphysema and pulmonary-heart troubles. Nei Guan (P6 or PC6) is also commonly used to help relieve nausea, caused by motion sickness, pregnancy, stress and anxiety, food poisoning, or stomach bugs, chest-area discomfort, upset stomach, motion sickness, carpal tunnel syndrome, and headaches, excessive hiccups or borborygmus (stomach grumbling), and abdominal pain or distention. These diseases are considered difficult and complicated illnesses. Nei Guan (P6) is located three-finger breadth below the wrist on the inner forearm in between the two tendons. Apply strong downward pressure with the thumb between the two tendons, massaging and stimulating the area for 2 seconds to bring the desired sensation. The best results occur if this sensation extends either to the tip of the middle finger or to the elbow sometimes. We can use one hand to hold the other forearm with the thumb pressing Neiguan (PC 6) on the volar side and other four fingers on the dorsal side. The thumb tip with the short nail should be perpendicular to the forearm and parallel to the two tendons. Pressing and massaging the acupoint Neiguan (PC 6) with the thumb tip should be done rhythmically. To achieve better curative effect, we should keep up the conductive sensation during the massaging. Each cycle of acupressure massage treatment on Nei Guan (P6 or PC6) includes pressing the thumb down hard on Nei Guan (P6 or PC6) for 2 seconds and then releasing the thumb for two seconds. Repeat the cycles for five minutes each routine two or three times daily. The acupressure massage treatment routine can be one of our daily functional exercises.

Prevention Is Better Than Cure

We should practice Max Energy Therapy to prevent the bad conditions from happening. Max Energy Therapy has been proven to be extremely powerful in keeping our most important asset in the best conditions possible. It is too late for us to treat those disease symptoms after they show up in our bodies. Those ineffective treatments cost us even more resources and time to heal our bodies.

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