Functional Exercises

Good functional exercises

Effects of Exercise in Our Mental and Physical Health

For years, people have developed many different exercises to improve the body conditions. Exercise makes our bodies stronger, and reduces the risk of cancer, heart disease, type 2 diabetes, stroke, dementia, depression, and so on. Exercise also slows down the rate of aging itself, even stimulating the regeneration of the energy-producing mitochondria in our cells. We can feel happier and more relaxed and better about our appearance and ourselves when we exercise regularly to boost our confidence and improve our self-esteem. However, not all the exercises are perfect and efficient. As we age, we all want to be able to handle everyday tasks as simple as walking, sitting and rising from a chair, ascending and descending stairs, picking up our grandchildren, lifting items into a closet, or shoveling a driveway. It is a growing concern to preserve physical independence as we are getting older.

Good Functional Exercises Make Our Activities Easier


Good functional exercises help our body to perform real-life activities more efficiently under any circumstances regardless of age, gender or race. Squatting and slowly and deeply breathing are two of the best functional exercises. When we perform body weight squats, we build muscle and help our muscles work more efficiently, as well as promote mobility and balance. Then, our body can move much better in our daily activities. Strong legs are crucial for staying mobile as we get older, and body weight squats are phenomenal for increasing leg strength. They also work out your core, stabilizing muscles, which will help us to maintain balance, while also improving the communication between our brain and our muscle groups to help prevent falls and bone fractures without consuming unnecessary calcium supplements or drugs. All cells in our body must have sufficient oxygen in order to function optimally. Our brain and our heart depend on this more than any other parts of our body. Many age related health problems can be linked to oxygen deficiency. By increasing our body oxygenation with qigong style deep and slow breaths, we can undo years of damage done by stress, free radicals and lack of oxygen.


"No Pain No Gain" always reminds us to take the most appropriate actions for our own sake.

“No Pain No Gain” reminds us to take the best reasonable actions for our own sake constantly.

Good Functional Exercises Are Essential Parts of Max Energy Therapy


Good functional exercises, promoted in Max Energy Therapy, such as body weight squatting and breathing slowly and deeply, improve our body abilities. Many systems in our body benefit from good functional exercises, but the cardiovascular system is one of the most important parts that exercising helps. When we exercise, muscles move and thus need more oxygen in the blood; therefore, the heart has to pump blood in a faster rhythm to keep the muscles moving. This trains your heart and lungs giving you more strength for the future. Exercise distracts and relaxes you for a while because in your exercise, you are discharging many feelings such as stress. Many people feel that after exercising, all the problems and pressures of their lifestyle disappear or at least are forgotten for a while. While exercising, problems of your lives can be solved because you are calm and relaxed, and it is just much easier to think clearly. Most importantly, these functional exercises are simple, easy, efficient and free of extra cost.



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