The Eighth Experiment: Asset Protection Management

Turn interest liability into asset.

Asset Ownership


People can have joy and liabilities in owning assets for secure financial freedom and peace of mind. For example, people love to buy pieces of real estate as valuable assets and wait for the favorable market opportunities because of the prospective positive cash flow in the deals resulted from market value appreciation. A piece of land in a good location may someday be worth double, five or even ten times its original purchase price when an economic development plan is started in the area. Century old single-family houses in the same block could all be torn down and replaced with huge modern mixed-use commercial and residential high-rise complexes. It seems like real estate owners would somehow manage to make a fortune in the money game. Would you be able to make it like those successful people as real estate owners in reality? What if you are not fully prepared or have no plans set up to safely reduce the negative impact of liabilities like heavy debt burden, huge interest payments to your mortgage lenders, all kinds of insurances and taxes, etc.?


New Normal Foundation for Secure Financial Freedom and Peace of Mind


You need a perfect mind-set as a strong foundation to commit yourself to building and sharing perfect American dreams as your career. Needless to say, you need at first a steady active income from a job to pay the bills and strengthen your mind and body health. Then, you must have an effective money management system in place to keep your focus on your asset allocation and protection. To apply for a mortgage loan, you are required to have two-year steady employment and good credit history after graduating from college. You should make it your new normal habit to save ten percent of your income from your first pay check in your Financial Freedom and another ten percent in your Education accounts everyday. The money saved in those Financial Freedom and Education accounts is strictly your investment capital used only to generate more passive income streams. You may have taken a student loan to pay for your education when you were in school. You may need a car with a loan on it to drive to work and shopping. You may buy some big items on credit. The total interest payments in your lifetime may be more than millions of dollars depending on how much the amount of your active and passive income is.

An introduction to our innovative proprietary asset protection management plan is illustrated, a very good investment in a passive, residual income, cash-flow producing asset you have likely never considered.

Whenever you use a loan, you buy into the financial security of someone else, pay taxes in the business transactions and take on unknown risk of debt repayment with interest. Thus, it is in your best interest to get rid of or at least minimize the necessity of loans from the other lenders. To leverage your hard earned money saved in your Financial Freedom and Education accounts, you should create a guaranteed, predictable and safe monthly passive income without spending more than the amount of your current monthly expenses with an asset protection management plan. The plan will make your money work hard for you immediately from the first day to recapture and transform the interest and taxation allocation of your asset into building your private bank capital with higher rate of return on investment. You have full access to your safe, liquid money in case of emergency or opportunity. The asset protection management plan allows you to get immediate control of their spending, debt, savings, and taxation. With such plans created in your best interest, you can build and share perfect American dreams on a strong new normal foundation.


All the interest liabilities can be appreciating asset and built our safety net.

Borrowers can now be empowered to turn their loan interest liability into appreciating asset with our innovative proprietary asset protection management plan.

Asset Protection Management Plan in Max Energy Therapy


In Max Energy therapy, we practice strengthening constantly our mind and body (health) and wealth with the most efficient, simplest and safest asset protection management plans to sustain our life and leave a great legacy behind to younger generations. Therefore, it is your first priority to act and commit yourself according to the principles of Max Energy Therapy to set up good plans in a passive, residual, cash-flow producing asset like that. There is no cost or obligation to find out if this plan can work for you. We can help you figure it out, but you need to give us some basic information only without your account numbers. You have 30 days to review it. Is that fair enough?

Please fill out the forms. Then, send text to or call Donald at 617-291-5089 for an appointment. The sooner you get your plan set up in effect, the better your American dream!


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