Magic Pills for Our Most Important Asset

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Our Most Important Asset

We always plan our future for the best. We strive to get a good education. When we take a job, we examine its benefit plan. When we buy a home, we consider its location and condition so that our investment is safe and can yield good return in years. In all our life, we should also be protecting our most important asset, our bodies. Our body could suffer a disabling disease such as stroke, cancer, diabetes, etc. if we are not careful.

Four Key Steps

Four key steps we can take every second, minute or hour continuously will lower our risk of death or disability from diseases. Firstly, remember to have a nutritious daily diet with clean and safe water, naturally grown and minimally processed fruits and vegetables and good fats from plants or fish to provide our bodies enough essential nutrients everyday.

Minimally processed Fruits and Vegetables should be best known for their health benefits.

Fruits and Vegetables should be minimally processed and known for their health benefits.

Secondly, the good functional physical activities such as taking qigong style slow and deep breaths, body weight squatting, briskly walking, jogging, etc. in the sun and with fresh air can bring sufficient oxygen to all the organs in our body including our brains and nervous system, and keep our hearts and circulation systems working in good condition.
Two Leg Body Weight Squatting together with slowly and deeply breathing exercise is best known for its healing properties.

Two Leg Body Weight Squatting is one of the best essential functional exercises just second to slow and deep breathing.

Thirdly, acupressure massage therapy treatments on the muscles around the big and small joints all over our body can calm our mind, strengthen our body, remove waste and toxins, and increase the circulation of blood, qi energy, and lymph. fourthly, good investments can calm the mind and increase our assets continuously. Nutritious food, clean and safe water and fresh air in the sun, good exercises, acupressure soft tissue massage therapy treatments and good investments are fundamental in Max Energy Therapy. 

 Max Energy Therapy Is Highly Effective and Practical

Max Energy Therapy is necessary for us to protect our most important asset, our body, from disabling diseases and conditions such that we can lead a lasting, healthy and happy life beyond the age of 100 years naturally without artificial medication. We should acquire positive energy from the nature with Max Energy Therapy. Then, we can emit the positive energy to people living and working around us. We all can fulfil our beautiful life plans and enjoy a peaceful living environment with the lovely optimistic people together. 



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