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I am Donald, a highly trained and experienced Business Manager, Life Insurance Associate and Massage Therapist with a pair of exceptional healing hands. I help clients reduce muscle injury pain and trigger points, calm the mind, and strengthen the body with the uniquely effective and practical Max Energy Therapy.

Donald is a highly trained and experienced massage therapist with a pair of exceptional healing hands.

Donald is a highly trained and experienced Manager and Massage Therapist with a pair of exceptional healing hands.


I have been providing high-quality Max Energy Therapy treatments to clients since 2012 in Swedish, Deep Tissue, Trigger Point and Myofascial Release, Reflexology, Aromatherapy, Sports, etc. modalities. Among those satisfied clients are from all walks of life.

At Max Energy Therapy, we promote nutritious food, good functional exercises, healing acupressure massage therapy treatments, the best exclusive innovative Indexed Universal Life Insurance plans and low risk high return investment strategies to keep bad conditions away from your body and mind. If you need more information, please write a few words to Donald Canton.


I help you gain freedom and happiness. I help you sell, buy, rent or manage any kind of real estate in Massachusetts. I work closely with you to achieve the best results for you! I help you own your secured wealth home free and clear in 9 years or less with the same monthly amount of savings and spending and more benefits for retirement and legacy. I already have the answers my clients are looking for. I help clients set up residual passive income streams by owning real estate investment properties with small amounts of investment so that my clients could have sufficient equity to help with college funding for their family and enjoy supplementary retirement income. I support equal housing and wealth opportunities. Please sign in at my personal website for instant home alerts and free market reports for your home. Please call, text, or email me to work out your real estate plans.


I bring financial literacy to Americans who need it and help the other people while I am creating a better life for my family by introducing people our exclusive life insurance products and building my own teams. I am committed to providing products matching the goals and needs of clients. Among our products are those allowing a client account value to benefit from an upturn in the stock market while protecting it from any downturns. My clients will never lose their savings but gain a lot more than the Life Savings amount they have saved for years as their own family bank. They can take loans out of their accounts in a few days without questions and permits to pay their bills.

I am still learning how to look out for the best interest of my clients and their families. I know one of my mentor partners in the company manages to make 1.6 million a year working on the business. I am ready, open to mentoring and willing to work the system to reach or even pass her achievement level. I care about your success. I know you have hopes, dreams, and goals. I believe that you want to be successful. That is why we must address reality. You and I must work hard to change the perception so many have of the profession. We must put in the work to build our own personal brand over time. We will need to learn and acquire new skills. If we work hard on ourselves and increase the value we bring, the market will reward us with business. 

I work with newly married couples and single parents who are struggling with how to know what they can afford, how much they need to pay for a life insurance premium and what type of our exclusive and innovative Indexed Universal Life insurance plans would be best for them. I always help them by offering a free life insurance buyer consultation that will show them what they can afford, what their premium payment would need to be and a list of Indexed Universal Life insurance plans perfect for them in less than 30 minutes. Please fill out this Analysis Form and then call or text ☎ my hotlines: 617-657-4122, 617-431-6185 or email ✉ me for an appointment. 

Max Energy Therapy is proud to support a variety of charities. We will donate part of our annual profits to the non-profit organizations in the Greater Boston area to support their social programs.



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  1. J Pryor says:

    We are submitting an article on acupuncture and cardiovascular disease and would like to publish 2 diagrams obtained from your website. PC6 acupoint on the arm and ST36 acupoint on the leg. Do we need to have permission from you, or is citing your website sufficient?

    Thank you for your response. J Pryor, Managing Editor, Cardiology in Review

    1. admin says:

      You can use them as needed.

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